Israel works to prevent anti-Semitism in Asia
By Yossi Aloni
Israel Today | January 13, 2013

Hitler has become an iconic figure in Asia in recent years, and his book Mein Kampf is being sold in bookstores across the continent. Israel has decided to work against that trend by inviting educators from India, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia to guide them in Holocaust studies.
For the first time a group of 20 school principals and teachers from India recently arrived in Israel to learn about the Holocaust at the International School at Yad Vashem (Israel’s national Holocaust memorial and museum).
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25 Overtly Racist Moments in Recent News History
By Faiz Siddiqui
Complex City Guide | January 12, 2013

If you think racism is dead, you might be a racist.
More likely, you’re someone who hasn’t turned on the news in the last half-century. On a near-daily basis, cable news, talk radio stations, even your local news, can be found perpetuating the same casual racism you might encounter at local Klan gatherings.
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Italy releases guidelines for dealing with anti-Semitism at soccer matches | January 10, 2013

(JTA) – New guidelines issued by the Italian Interior Ministry govern how police may halt or interrupt a soccer match because of racist or anti-Semitic behavior by fans or on the pitch.
The guidelines were issued following a meeting this week of the ministry’s watchdog commission on sporting events that dealt with the “despicable phenomenon of racism” noted recently at some matches.
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FIFA orders Bulgaria, Hungary to play in empty stadiums over racist fans
By Graham Dunbar, The Associated Press
CTV News | January 8, 2013

ZURICH, Switzerland — FIFA denounced “abhorrent, shameful” racist and anti-Semitic abuse by Bulgaria and Hungary fans at opposing teams on Tuesday, and ordered each team to play a World Cup qualifier in an empty stadium.
The punishments were announced as players and anti-discrimination groups demand tougher action against incidents at stadiums, including in Italy and Serbia.
“FIFA strongly condemns all forms of racism in football, and any form of discrimination will not be tolerated and will receive a strong response by the relevant FIFA authorities,” world football’s governing body said in a statement.
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Obama Speech During NFL Game Fuels Twitter Racism: ‘Take That N—– Off the TV’
By Tim Molloy
The Wrap TV | December 17, 2012

All it takes is the president giving a speech during an NFL game to bring out some of America’s dumbest racists. Deadspin catalogued N-word-laced tweets from several football fans who objected to President Obama addressing the Newtown, Conn. murders during gametime Sunday. One of the tweeters, a University of North Alabama uninvited walk-on named Bradley Patterson, was reportedly cut from the team after tweeting, “Take that n—– off the tv, we wanna watch football!”
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From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis
By Kelly J Newson
The Guardian Express Newspaper | December 13, 2012

Throughout American history black males have been seen as a threat even when they are unarmed and even when wearing attire that was professional. Still, Tragic events such as the death of 14-year old Emmett Till because white men assumed he whistled at a white woman. Causing these citizens to feel that they had the “right” to brutally torture and kill Emmett Till.
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Black in America: It’s not just about the color of your skin
By Moni Basu
CNN | December 9, 2012

What is black? Race. Culture. Consciousness. History. Heritage. A shade darker than brown? The opposite of white? Who is black? In America, being black has meant having African ancestry. But not everyone fits neatly into a prototypical model of “blackness.”
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Acid bombs left at black woman’s home in Orange County probed
By Rick Rojas
Los Angeles Times  | December 4, 2012

Several explosives made from household chemicals were left outside a Rossmoor home.
One exploded, but no one was injured. Authorities disabled the others.
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Two plead guilty to charges in Mississippi black man’s death
Reuters  | December 4, 2012

Two Mississippi men pleaded guilty Tuesday to hate crime charges connected to the death of a black man who was run over by a truck because of his race, federal officials said.
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New Anne Frank Biopic from ‘Sophie Scholl’ Screenwriter
By Scott Roxborough  | November 30, 2012

COLOGNE, Germany – The short poignant life of Anne Frank is heading again to the big screen, courtesy of German screenwriter Fred Breinersdorfer, who penned the Oscar-nominated period drama Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005).
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